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There is another hack of Fire Red that is fun to play for you. The name of the game is Pokemon Amnesia and you are able to do Pokemon Amnesia ROM hack download. In this game, you are going to play as a kid who is 12 years old and live in the Verde region. You have beaten the Pokemon League and are famous all over the land. One day, you have a friendly battle with your opponent. The signature Pokemon of your rival that is a Dusclops set up to perform a Curse move on your Pokemon. In the last second, when it performs the move, all of a sudden, a small rock that is a meteorite which is 1/4 the size of a baseball drops out of nowhere from the sky and scoots straight at you. The Dusclops is disturbed and shocked which then it unintentionally throw the curse on you. Your Pokemon floats upwards and moves almost instinctively in front of you and directly in the meteorite’s path, faithfully risking its own life for you. Your Pokemon is lethally pierced and before you are able to understand, you are attached and blackout.

Something weird happens. A force that is mysterious work during the hit of meteor. Subsequently, you wake up 5 years later but there is not your Pokemon. After you have a mysterious dream with a familiar figure in it, all at once you wake up from your coma in your own room. Then, you speak to your mother and you visit the local doctor who coincidentally get his M.D. in Pokemon Research while you had been knocked out. The doctor says that to aid your amnesia you have to travel again the land where you had once already conquered and to help the lazy doc get work done on the Pokedex project that is assigned to him. What will happen next? You should play the game.


Pokemon Amnesia ROM Hack Download

In this game, you will find several fun features as mentioned in the following list.

  • There will be 386 Pokemon.
  • The game will more focus on events and scripts rather than the Gym and Pokedex.
  • There are new leaders.
  • You will play in a new region.
  • There will also be new scripts.
  • There will be different palettes.
  • The player is able to speak.
  • There are new trainers.

There are still some deficiencies in the game. The creator needs to make new sprites for the rival. He also need someone who is able to edit the music and also change the world map. The title screen is not edited yet. When you are the the second Gym and press ‘A’ while you are crossing the water, you are going to stuck there and you can not walk back on land and you have to save when you enter the second Gym. In spite of those deficiencies, this game is not bad for you to do Pokemon Amnesia ROM hack download and play the game.

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