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Pokemon Heart Gold Version together with Soul Silver Version are the series of Pokemon which are also the remake of Pokemon Gold and Silver which are from Generation II that were released in 1999. These games are in Generation IV. These games take place in Johto and the story is started from a town named New Bark Town. The plot of the games is the same as the original game Pokemon Gold and Silver. Nevertheless, there are several developments in some areas. On September 12, 2009, the games were released in Japan. On February 4, 2010, they are released in Korea. On March 14, 2010 they were released in North America. On March 25, 2010 they were released in Australia and on March 26, 2010 in Europe. Do you want to download GBA4iOS ROMs Pokemon Heart Gold? Let’s find out first about Pokemon Heart Gold.

As explained above that the plot is almost the same as Pokemon Gold and Silver. You as a player of this game, begin your journey from New Bark Town. You do the task for Professor Elm to Mr. Pokemon’s house to find the things that makes him excited. Elm gives you one of three Pokemon that is Cyndaquil, Totodile or Chikorita to do this task. Then, Mr. Pokemon’s finding turn to be an egg. You come back to New Bark Town just to find that a boy that is red hair is suspicious. The red -haired boy was seen by you when the boy spying outside the lab of Elm earlier. You suspect that the red-haired boy has stolen one of Elm’s Pokemon.

GBA4iOS ROMs Pokemon Heart Gold
After beating him and coming back to New bark Town, you give the boy’s name to a policeman who comes to investigate the incident. Professor Elm is impressed by the egg. He studies it hard and permits you to keep the Pokemon they take a trip with as a starter Pokemon. Then, Elm suggests you to take a trip across Johto and challenge the 8 Gym Leaders, Whitney, Chuck, Falkner, Morty, Bugsy, Pryce, Clair, Jasmine and the Pokemon League. Then, you lead up to your adventure with the first Gym in Violet City nearby.


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These games permits the first Pokemon in your party to join them and resound a mechanic in Pokemon Yellow where Pikachu will follow you. This mechanic was also applied in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum in a limited mode. Besides, you can also talk to the Pokemon to check the feeling of Pokemon and sometimes it can pick up items. A new minigame that is Pokeathlon uses the Nintendo DS touchscreen and it enables Pokemon to join the competition in events like hurdling.

Are you interested in playing these games? You can download the game and also GBA4iOS ROMs Pokemon Heart Gold now. For your information, GBA4iOS is an iOS emulator which is made by Rileytestut for Nintendo Game Boy Advance games. So, play the game and Explore the Johto region while you can capture, train and battle with your favorite Pokemon. Happy playing!

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