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Pokemon Zephyr is one of the hacks of Pokemon. It is one of the hacks among many hacks of Pokemon Fire Red such as Pokemon Ash Gray, Pokemon Apollo, Pokemon Ash’s Quest, Pokemon Black Orb, Pokemon Genesis, Pokemon Johto, Pokemon Last King, Pokemon Orange Adventures, and so on.

Pokemon Zephyr was made by an author named Twilite Darkrai in the year of 2008. At first, Twilite Darkrai wanted to just have fun. The main goal of the author was simply to get the fun feeling. The fact is, the author got a lot of good respond from many communities of Pokemon. It is such an unexpected one. What makes it so loved? One of the reason is the new changes of the game. Its new changes attract many players by serving the special feelings for them. Want to know the feeling? Do Pokemon Zephyr GBA download one and play the game.

In the story of Pokemon Zephyr, you will live in the world called Astro region. Astro region can be described as the beautiful land that has a lot of of sceneries such as forests, rivers, deserts, beaches, and also caves. In the year of 2010, some polices of Pokemon found a new team called Dakko Team. Dakko Team is considered as the Evil Team. The place of Dako Team is in Hoenn. This team is thought that they might be more rampant and hazardous that a team called Team Rocket in the past. Later, Dakko Team plans to form other headquarters of the team. They plan to build other ones in the other regions. One of the regions on the list to build the headquarters is Astro region. They plan to build one there and catch the legendary of Astro named Darkrai. Once they success on their plans, the world will be in danger just like a disaster. in the game, there is the scene when you receive one Pokemon from Professor Ahgoo. There, your journey to damage the crimes is starting.


Download Pokemon Zephyr GBA Download: google drive

When to get the Pokemon Zephyr GBA download link? You can find the link to download one everywhere on the internet. Many websites and online communities of Pokemon offer the link to download Pokemon Zephyr GBA. One of them is www.pokemonromhack.com. It is such a complete website for the lover of Pokemon. You will see the list of many kinds of Pokemon you want. Just select Pokemon Zephyr in the GBA section. Type Pokemon Zephyr on the search column to make it easier. Click it and get the link. The page consists of the link to download in the last part and also the short information of Pokemon Zephyr that will enlighten you.

Hope you enjoy your time after doing Pokemon Zephyr GBA download. Feel the new feeling that has been felt by many lover of Pokemon Zephyr and enjoy some features of the game such as the new region, the new tiles ad sprites, the new events, and Pokemon from Diamond or Pearl.

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