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Do you want to play the interesting game of Pokemon? Take a look at Pokemon World Tour. What is Pokemon World Tour? Pokemon World Tour is counted as one of the hack versions of Pokemon Fire Red.It was released in the year of 2010 by the author of the game named TheChroniclesofLance. What makes this game interesting? In this remake version, you will play in such a huge world. That huge world consists of five regions in total. You as the player will get through a lot of events and mini games.

How to play the game? Is Pokemon World Tour ROM hack download available?

The answer to the question is yes. Actually, Pokemon World Tour is not completed yet and it is still in the process of development. Do not worry. Even though this game has not been completed yet, you can play the game. If you are look for Pokemon World Tour ROM hack download on the internet, the results will be shown. You can get the game and play in Beta version. As the not, you cannot play the fully game. You might be quite disappointed to hear this but the game will be stopped after beating the first GYM. However, it is still worth it. Now, the choice is in your hand whether to try the game or wait for the full version.

Pokemon World Tour ROM Hack Download

In Pokemon World Tour, you are supposed to be a trainer of Pokemon. you think you are mature enough to be a trainer of Pokemon so you decided to become a true trainer of Pokemon. In the game, you live in Petalburg. Petalburg is part of Hoenn region. A few years go, you joined a program named Penpal Program and got to know your penpals. One day, you get a Pokemon and have an eager to travel around the world. The places you are going to get through are included Johto, Orange Islands, Kanto, and Sinnoh. You will get some chances to meet your penpals. How is the story so far? Does it sound too easy for you? Calm down. The storyline of Pokemon World has not ended yet. There are some problems happens along your way. The extreme one is you might be stuck in some dangerous areas. You have to solve your problems by yourself.

Every trainer of Pokemon always has a desire to be the champion of Pokemon. You can count yourself in. Enjoy yourself when playing the game. Explore every inch of Pokemon World. Hope you be the champion of Pokemon.

The features of Pokemon World Tour are included five regions to travel. As stated before, those regions are Hoenn, Johto, Orange Islands, Kanto, and Sinnoh. There is a huge world map that can be used by you to explore those regions. Aside from that, there are the new islands and events in the game. There is one more interesting thing in this game. The popular evil team, which is known as Team Rocket, will be available in new version.

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