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Every fan of Pokemon must love to play the game and every hack version of the game. Can we count you in? To fulfill your thirstiness, Pokemon Sky Twilight might be your best option.

Pokemon Sky Twilight is also more known as Pokemon Twilight in short. This hack version of Pokemon Fire Red was released in 2015 by the author named *Luxio/Hacks*. Pokemon Sky Twilight is the second work of the author.The author of the game is such a genius. With the full package of Pokemon Sky Twilight, it is said that this game is one of the best current hacks of Pokemon. This data was stated in a very famous online community of Pokemon called PokeCommunity. According to the author itself, he has given all his best to make Pokemon Sky Twilight as perfect as possible.

The background of Pokemon Sky Twilight is Vurous region. Vurous region is considered as one of the most popular regions in the Pokemon World, beside Johto region, Kanto region, Hoenn region, Kalos region, and so on.This region contains several hidden Legendary Pokemon. The Legendary Pokemon is everywhere. Those are spread in north, east, south, and west.

Apparently, there is a Legendary Pokemon that has protected Vurious region for a very long time. That Legendary Pokemon is such a very powerful one.Unfortunately, one side is trying to control that Legendary Pokemon for their own sake. That Pokemon is trying to be controlled by Team Volt. For your information, Team Volt is considered an evil team organization.It seems like destroying Vurous region is not enough for them. As addition, they also have an eager to damage Mega Evolution, the thing that they hate the most.


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In this Pokemon Sky Twilight, you decide yourself to do your own journey of exploring Pokemon. Since Vurous region is in danger because of Team Volt, it needed a help from you. On the other word, it means that your main mission is to help Vurous region from the plan of Team Volt. The real question is, can you save Vurious region from the Team Volt? Go play the game by looking for Pokemon Twilight GBA ROM download first.

Pokemon Sky Twilight consists of some great features that will make you disappointed to search for Pokemon Twilight GBA ROM download. those features are all 721 Pokemon that are available in this region, some moves, items, and abilities from Gen IV to Gen VI, many updated sprites and trainers,new type Fairy from Gen VI, the Repel System of Pokemon Black or Pokemon White, and the EXP Catching System.In this game, all the text are decapitalisation. You can enjoy hearing the soundtracks that have been replaced with the soundtracks from Pokemon Hear Gold or Pokemon Soul Silver. The music is really good to the point it can make you excited.The last good point from this game is there are new tiles in this game. The good graphics are served along with some tiles from Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Sapphire, and Pokemon Emerald.

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