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Pokemon is one of video games that is very popular and a lot of people play it either children or adults. Pokemon is very popular because it has a lot of cute monsters that you can have. It is also popular because of the existence of one of the cute monsters that is Pikachu which becomes a mascot of Pokemon and it is a main character in the anime.

Pokemon game is the 2nd most successful video game in the world after Mario which is created by Nintendo. The game of Pokemon consist of several generation. They are Generation 1, Generation 2, Generation 3, Generation 4, Generation 5, Generation 6 and Generation 7. Generation 7 was launched in 2016 that is Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Pokemon Snakewood is one of the Pokemon game that is awesome to be played and becomes one of the most wonderful Pokemon hacks ever. The game of Pokemon Snakewood was made by someone who loves Pokemon that is Cutlerine. This is the first hack game for him. He makes Pokemon Snakewood becomes a scary version of Pokemon Ruby Version. The game is so interesting because there are fearful scenes. That’s why a lot of gamers look for Pokemon Snakewood Randomizer ROM. In the adventure, you have to defeat 8 GYM Leaders and the League, avoid the Evil Team to make crimes, and surprised mini missions.

Pokemon Snakewood starts with Wraith or Jericho who wakes up in a town which is destroyed. He or she has no memory about the things that has happened. In the middle of Professor Birch’s laboratory, there are several Poke Balls. Then, the player select a Pokemon and find Birch who is attacked by zombie.  Because you meet Professor Birch, he then talks about what happened to you and he ask you to save the world.

Pokemon Snakewood Randomizer ROM


Pokemon Snakewood Randomizer ROM Download

Here, you have a mission to find your brother and the daughter of Birch, restore the prior memories and above all destroy the Evil Team. On your way, you will not only meet the other Pokemon Trainers but also you will face the zombies and enemies. This game will be a dangerous trip and it will make you challenged so that it will make you take a lot of time to complete the game. So, the awesome experience in this game will make you want to search Pokemon Snakewood Randomizer ROM, right?

To search that , you can try to search in the internet especially in the forum of Pokemon game. There are some forums which talks about everything about Pokemon game. You can share and change the information with the other Pokemon players. Or you can try to visit vizzed.com to play Pokemon Snakewood Randomizer online.

Not only the company that develop Pokemon game, but the player or fans also make development by creating Pokemon hacked game to satisfy the gamers in playing this game so that the game will more fun, enjoyable, challenging and interesting. That’s all a little bit description about Pokemon Snakewood Randomizer ROM. Hopefully, it will be helpful.

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