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Pokemon Skyline is another hack of Pokemon Ruby. This game was created by Destinedjagold and released in 2012. Perhaps, you are familiar with this creator. For your information, Destinedjagold is a creator of Pokemon Ruby Destiny Series. Pokemon Skyline is his fourth creation but it is not a series of his previous games. This is a brand new game of him and you will be surely curious about how the game is. It is very recommended for you to play because this game is very fun, challenging and and great.

Here, you are able to do Pokemon Skyline GBA ROM download zip. Before doing that, it is better for you to read the story of this game first. In this game, you will play as a child of Professor Birch of Hoenn Region. You are going to the Kanto region by riding a boat. But, because of violent and weird storm in that night, you are blown away. You are struck by water tye Pokemon that is very big. When you wake up on the shore, you see an Eevee and it wants to accompany you to continue your trip to Kanto Region. After you experience some events, you suddenly change your way to the Crest Region. You will meet a lot of trainers who have the similar dreams with you and you also have to fight to prove yourself either to your friends or your enemies. Then, you will deal with Team Aqua and you have to stop their ambition.


Pokemon Skyline GBA ROM Download zip

Features of this game that you can enjoy while you are playing are in the following list.

  1. There is a new region named Crest which is far from Kanto Region.
  2. You are a hero of Hoenn Region.
  3. Eevee will be your starter Pokemon.
  4. There will be all Pokemon from Gen I to Gen III.
  5. Team Aqua is back.
  6. There will be The National Dex that is better than a normal Pokedex.
  7. When you will battle with wild trainers, you must talk to them.
  8. You are able to re-battle with every trainers who you have deal with in advance after you receive a new badge.
  9. There will be an NPC who give you  reward, if you are able to defeat a gym leader of a town.
  10. There is weather system.
  11. You are not alone in this game because there will be your rivals.
  12. There will be Chip Battle mini game.

What do you think? This game seems great, right? Just do Pokemon Skyline GBA ROM download zip here and play the game. You have to note that this game is not connected to the previous games that are created by the creator that is Pokemon Destiny series. This game is totally different from those. You are able to see the screenshots and watch the trailer so that you have a little bit depiction about the game. After that, you can easily download the game that is available here.

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