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Pokemon Sienna is one of the recommended hack of games of Pokemon. This game is recommended by a lot of members of some communities of Pokemon. This wonderful game was made by an author named “hastag”. It was the remake version of the original game of Pokemon called Pokemon fire Red. The author was released this game for the very first time in the year of 2010. At that time, the game has not completed yet and still in the process of progressing. Right now, Pokemon Sienna is available in Beta 4 version and can be downloaded in a full version. Apparently, the full version of the game was released in the year of 2014. Do you want to try Pokemon Sienna now and beat all 8 leaders of the GYM? Go look for Pokemon Sienna ROM download zip now!

Before downloading one and playing the game, how about feed your brain with some information related to Pokemon Sienna first?

In the Pokemon Sienna, you are supposed to be a talent trainer of Pokemon. To achieve your big dream as one of the best trainers of Pokemon, you want to enter a trainer school named Indigo Plateau. Apparently, this trainer school is located in the region of Kanto. Unfortunately, your request to enter the trainer school was rejected. The reason behind the rejection is your lack of experience. In the end, you decide to go with your own journey. By wanting to enter the trainer school means that you always has an eager to be the champion of Kanto region. For you, it is not just only a dream but it is like a mission that has to be done.


Pokemon Sienna ROM Download Zip

One day, you get a Pokemon from a professor. With that Pokemon, you start to trip around the region of Kanto. In fact, you have to challenge the GMY Leaders in every city or town you are in. Keep aware along the way because you will meet the bad guys in an evil team. Your mission is you have to stop them in order to help the other people. There are other things that will be revealed in the game.

Are you curious with those things? Do not waste your time and get Pokemon Sienna ROM download zip link now! If you are to lazy to go around the internet, what you only have to do is scroll down this page to the last one. apparently, this website offers you the link to download Pokemon Sienna in the form of zip. You took the right decision when you first time entered this website.

As addition to light up your mind, some features of Pokemon Sienna are included a completely new region, the decision that based on the storyline, the new sprites and the new tiles, the new music and the new sounds, the de-capitalization, the professional looking Fakemon, and so on.

Have fun in playing Pokemon Sienna and hope you be the champion of Kanto.

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