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Do you like playing Pokemon? If yes, you are definitely familiar with the monster in the game like Mew, Bulbasaur, Cubone, Turtwig, Tyrantrum, Charmeleon, and above all Pikachu. There are still more monsters in Pokemon that you will notice.

In the Pokemon games, the monster of Pokemon must be caught, trained, battled and traded by the Pokemon Trainer who are you as a player. In every game, you will explore different place and even there will be new Pokemon that you can catch. The Pokemon that reach a certain level by certain stone, learned certain moves, being traded can evolve into different kind. Evolving Pokemon can make them stronger. The evolution can happen by level, elemental stones, trading, happiness and by the other conditions. For example, Bulbasaur will evolve into Ivysaur after level 16 and it will evolve again into Venusaur after you reach level 32. Then, Pichu will evolve into Pikachu by happiness and will evolve again into Raichu by using Thunderstone. Kadabra will evolve into Alakazam by trading. Nidorina will evolve into Nidoqueen by elemental stone that is Moon Stone. Igglybuff will evolve into Jigglypuff by happiness. Aipom will evolve into Ambipom after Double hit is learned. Tyrunt is going to evolve into Tyrantrum in level 39 in the condition of daytime. Cubone will evolve into Marowak in level 28 in Nightime condition in Alola.



Pokemon ROM NTEVO | Tutorial And Download

Are looking for Pokemon ROM NTEVO? Okay, NTEVO means No Trading Evolution. There is a way to evolve your Pokemon which evolve via trade without trading. There is Pokemon game of Generation IV and V where you can create Pokemon NTEVO. You can download the ROM in any websites of Pokemon games. There are several website that provides the NTEVO ROM. If you need Pokemon Diamond NTEVO ROM, Pokemon Platinum NTEVO ROM, Pokemon Black NTEVO ROM, Pokemon Pearl NTEVO ROM, you are able to search them in the websites of Pokemon games.

If you like playing Pokemon games of Gen IV and V on an emulator such as NoSGBA you can do NTEVO. Find the Pokemon ROM NTEVO, then you can download the zip file that usually can be found in the folder of Battery in NoSGBA emulator and then extract it. After that, you are able to rename the existing save file of the game. Then, you can open the downloaded ROM on NoSGBA and play it. The file will compatible with the ROM because the change that is done only a way to evolve pokemon. The other things like pokemon, maps, evolutions, trainers, events and others are still the same.

Playing Pokemon is very fun. There are a lot of things that we can do while doing adventure in Pokemon games. Besides, the varieties are also complete. So, if you want to play the game, you just have to search and play it. That’s all the information about Pokemon ROM NTEVO. Hopefully it will be informative and useful for you who like playing Pokemon games or even for you who are just searching information about NTEVO. Happy evolving!

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