Pokemon ROM Hacks With Physical Special Split

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In Pokemon, the type of a move is an element of the move that determines the types of damage that will be produced. In the game before Gen IV, the type of move that can destroy determines whether the move is physical or special. This was assigned for the first time to individual moves in Pokemon: Gale of Darkness for Shadow moves and after that it was applied to all moves beginning from Generation IV. Fans of Pokemon call this change as the Physical/Special split.

Do you look for Pokemon ROM Hacks with physical special split? We are going to discuss it here. The Physical/Special Split permit Pokemon to use moves from a wider variety of types. For instance, before Gen IV,Sneasel which has greater attack than special attack is not effective in using moves with STAB because the type of Ice moves and the type of Dark moves are special.

There are some new moves that were introduced to give balance to previously all special and all physical types like the physical Psychic-type moves Zen Headbutt and Psycho Cut, and the special the type of Fighting moves Focus Blast, Aura Sphere and Vacuum Wave. The other moves like Hyper Beam that was physical before Generation IV but now is special got physical counterparts with the similar characteristics which in this case is Giga impact.

If you want to play the game of Pokemon with physical special split, Pokemon Theta Emerald that is hack of Pokemon Emerald can be your choice. There will be 650 Pokemon and it is the Emerald sideshow game with the most Pokemon to capture. All of the Pokemon is catchable in the event or in the wild. The Gym Leaders, trainers, Elite Four, Evil Teams and Champion also have new Pokemon. There will also more than 100 new moves and it is aimed to compensate with the new Pokemon. Some using new animations and some using new effects.


To make the game more smooth, a right Physical/Special Split was applied to the game which includes icons to show every move. To deal with certain Pokemon or more specifically, Legendary Pokemon, you have to own one until three Pokemon in your party so that the event is able to work.  The Fairy-type that was shown in Pokemon X and Y is also present in this game. Besides, Pokemon which evolve via trade have a different methods of evolving. Because of the new Pokemon, the methods of new evolution were added such as Move Evolution, Map Name Evolution and many more. That and also three new evolution items were added.

So, guys, what do you think about this game? If you are interested in playing the game, you have to download Pokemon ROM Hacks with physical special split. If you want to search the other Pokemon games that contains physical special split, you are able to ask and discuss about that in the forum of Pokemon community which are available in the social media. So, guys, happy playing!

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