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Pokemon Reborn is one of the games of Pokemon. Apparently, it is from RPG Maker XP. It is such one of the fan-made game with the author named Amethys. Pokemon Reborn was released in the year of 2015. At first, this game was just an online league. It was only played between the users. Later, Pokemon Reborn has inspired the birth of two spin off games since the development of the game into the detailed one. Those two games are Pokemon  Redemption and Pokemon Rejuvenation. What an achievement!

The latest version of Pokemon Reborn has about 15 episodes in total. You can watch the game in English. When many games of Pokemon have foreign languages in the games such as Japanese, Germany, Spanish, and else, Pokemon Reborn is in English. With English, the author makes it easier for you all to play the game.

With Pokemon Reborn, you will be taken to the city named Reborn City. For your information, Reborn City is known as the city of evil. Apparently, this evil city is like a hell which is filled with a lot of criminals, black smog, and acidic water. There is no single day without crying, screaming, and shouting in the city. However, no one is be able to hear them crying, screaming, or shouting. One day, several heroes from somewhere arrive in this evil city. Then, those heroes stand up to fight with those vicious evils. How does the game sound so far? Could you guess who they are right away? No one could guess it other than you. Go get Pokemon Reborn ROM Android, iOS, or Windows now! Then, how to get one? Let just read the rest information first.


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Pokemon Reborn has many features. There are the old and the new features of the game. The game consists of all 721 Pokemon in total. It is such a huge amount, right? The Pokemon is from Generation I, Generation II, Generation III, and Generation IV. It is said that one of the most loved function of the game is Mega Evolution. Right now, the outside world is considered detail. It also as huge as possible. In Pokemon Reborn, you are be able to have all 18 starters in total from the start.

It is kind of different with the other games of Pokemon. A new thing can change your game play. That new thing is called Field Effect Aside from that, right now, the IVs and he EVs are visible. There is the Quick-save function that you can use in Pokemon Reborn. The weather in Pokemon Reborn can be changed randomly in every week. In total, Pokemon Reborn has 18 type gyms. The rate meeting of the Shiny is increased. With Pokemon Reborn, you can customize the Shiny Pokemon in the ways you want while catching one. The front style can be customized in Pokemon Reborn.

Are you ready to get the Pokemon Reborn ROM for Android and play the game on your Android now?

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