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Playing games is something fun to do. People usually play it when they have spare time. People play games for releasing stress or even it becomes a hobby. Pokemon is one of the famous games in the world. Pokemon becomes popular because of the cute monsters. And one of the cute monsters is Pikachu which is yellow and has red circle at both cheeks.

Pokemon as one of popular games has a lot of versions of game. Even, there are a lot of hacked games that are made by fans to make different sensation of playing Pokemon. If you are one of the people who are bored with the original version because of the looks, features and storyline, you can try to play hacked games of Pokemon. One of the hacked games of Pokemon is Pokemon Nightmare. Here, we are going to know to do Pokemon Nightmare GBA download.

Pokemon Nightmare is hacked from Pokemon Emerald ROM. The story starts when your life in Johto is calm. You know everything about the village and people there also know you as a great person. There, you only have mother. But the peace only happen until you are sent to the Magnet Train which leads you to the beginning of a nightmare. One day, you are sent to the Orthan Kingdom to live with your aunt in the year of the elections of the King position. And then, you are introduced to your neighbor and begin the journey to attain the Pokemon of legendary that is worshipped in the kingdom. In the middle of the story, you are included by the same neighbor in the Team Darkness chase. You compete for the whole new badges with new Gym Leaders and compete in the Orthan Championship that includes 5 cups in many different challenges. You have to find new terrains step by step when you go further to the problematic coronation period story. Then, you have to join with Team Shadow to eliminate the efforts of Team Darkness. Nevertheless, can you go out safely? You have to do Pokemon Nightmare GBA download and play it.

Pokemon Nightmare GBA Download


Pokemon Nightmare GBA Download

The features of the games are:

  1. The Orthan Kingdom will open the doors for you. There will be a big world to discover for you alone.
  2. There will be fully new cities, new sprites and new tiles
  3. The storyline is new
  4. The rivals, the foes, trainers and the allies are new with various twists in the story
  5. You can challenge the Orthan Colosseums or the Gym Leaders and the choosen path will be up to you
  6. You have to be ready for many events that have been incorporated in the story
  7. You can find more than 3 radio stations in Orthan which the broadcasting will be different from tips to music.

To play this game, you are able to do Pokemon Nightmare GBA download in the pokecommunity.com. You can also download from the other available games sites or the other games community forums. Download it and feel the different experience of playing Pokemon.

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