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Pokemon Melanite is counted as one of the games of Pokemon. This game was created by the author who is also a fan of Pokemon called rayd12smitty. It is free because it is such a non-profit game. The main purpose of making this game is not for the money, it is for the fun instead. The author said that he does not own Pokemon and all of the concepts are copyright of Nintendo and Game Freak. He aware that he is just a fan after all. When creating the game in RPG Maker XP, the author used Pokemon Essentials. The game was released for the first time on August 20th, 2013. It was in Beta version. This version was set for personal computer of PC and Mac.

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Pokemon Melanite consists of 285 of your favorite Pokemon, the classic 8 gyms, and so on. The characters of Pokemon Melanite are so interesting. It is not the usual types of Pokemon such as fire types, water types, or grass types. In the game, there are Sneasel which is the ice type or the dark type, Croagunk which is the fight type or the poison type, and Natu which is the fly type or the psychic type. This game also consists of Legendary Pokemon that play the roles in the main story. those Legendary Pokemon are Reshiram, Zekrom, Lucario, Zoroark, Darkrai, Celebi, and Mew. Reshiram and Zekrom are considered as the keepers of the balance and the peace. On the other hand, Dakrai would love to damage the world, and so on. Mew is counted as the new one. it is such a roaming Legendary Pokemon.


Pokemon Melanite GBA ROM Download

The game offers you four hours of the game play. The story of the game is original story. Overall, the background of Pokemon Melanite is the world called Zela. Zela is the name of the world you can explore in order to catch the Pokemon. The story of Pokemon Melanite starts when a world around Mountain Coroned was created by Arceas. At that time, the region of Sinnoh was also formed. Meanwhile, the time and the space were ruled by Palkia and Dialga. There are more regions appeared over the years.

It is said that Pokemon lived happily along with the humans. Everything seemed so fine until the appearance of the new region. Aside from Zela side, there were two powers named Order and Chaos. Order was controlled by Reshiram and Chaos was by Zekrom. Both of them were good at keeping the balance. Then, there was one Pokemon who was angry. It was called as Dakrai, a Pokmeon of nightmare and evil. He was kicked to the island in Sinnoh named Newmoon Island.

What will the rest of the story happen? If you are curious about the game, what are you waiting for? Go search Pokemon Melanite GBA ROM download now!

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