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Are you one of Pokemon fans? Do you like playing Pokemon games and now you are searching for Pokemon Master Quest GBA download? If you do like Pokemon or in the other words you are a true Pokemon fans, you perhaps want to play the game of Pokemon with the story that is exist in the anime. One of the story that you want to be exist in the game of Pokemon is perhaps Pokemon Master Quest.

Pokemon Master Quest is actually a title of Pokemon animated series. This title becomes the fifth season and internationally it becomes the final season of the original series. It includes the final adventures of Ash and his friends through Johto region from Cianwood City to Mt. Silver. This Pokemon series were aired from August 2001 to November 2002 in Japan exactly in TV Tokyo. In the United States, These series were aired from September 2002 to October 2003 on the WB Television Network.

The episodes of Pokemon: Master Quest consists of 65 episodes and it starts from “Around the Whirlpool”. In the first episode, Ash along with his friends fights with Team Rocket. Then, Ash and friends were thrown from the ship which bring them to the Whirl Islands. They crash on a near island which then they meet Professor Elm there. Professor Elm talks about Whirlpool Cup that will be held in the seat of Whirl Islands.

In the second episode which is entitled “Fly Me to the Moon” tells that Misty finds several Corsola but she can not capture them. A man named Wilbur states that he is able to bring her to the island where the Corsola were headed. When they arrive, they find a lot of huge Pidgey which do not want to fly but a small one wants to fly that is Orville. It wants to fly high to the space to look at the sun. Team Rocket determine to join and they will capture Orville. Vice versa, Meowth decide to help Orville. To know more about the story, you can watch the series in the internet, several websites of Pokemon fans provide the link to the series.

Pokemon Master Quest GBA Download Pokemon Master Quest GBA Download VIDEO

Pokemon Master Quest GBA Download

Some significant events of this series are:

  1. The competition between Ash and Misty in the Whirl Cup happen.
  2. Ash and his friends meet Ritchie and cooperate to save a Lugia from Dr. Naramba, a scientist of Team Rocket.
  3. Ash and his friends meet Eusine.
  4. Ash gets a Pokemon Egg which then becomes a Phanpy.
  5. A Delibird start tailing Team Rocket to gather money they have to Team Rocket.
  6. Ash and friends meet Lance when they reveal Project R that is an experiment which conducted by another scientist of Team Rocket, Professor Sebastian.
  7. Ash gets Larvitar and brings it back to its mother at Mt. Silver.

So, that’s all about the series of Pokemon: Master Quest. If you want to play the game, you can do Pokemon Master Quest GBA download here. But, if you want to watch the series you can watch that or download in the other websites that provides the link.

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