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Pokemon Light Platinum is counted as one of the most popular hacks of Pokemon ever. Every fan of Pokemon who loves to play the hacks must has heard and played this game. It is like the combination of Gen II, Gen IV, and the new Gen V. It is such a complete one, right?

Pokemon Light Platinum is one of the remake version based on the original game of Pokemon named Pokemon Ruby. This hack was created by the author of the game called WesleyFG and was released for the first time to the public in the year of 2009. Pokemon Light Platinum has been completed and can be downloaded and played without worrying about the update. Right now, this game is available in two language. Those are English and Portuguese. For you the speaker of both languages, this hack might be the best for you.

There are some features of Pokemon Light Platinum. In the game, you will live in the world named ZHERY World. This world is such a big region with a lot of types of Pokemon live. Other features of the game are included the new trainers of Pokemon, the GYM Leaders and E4, Pokemon from Gen I to Gen IV, the new and mini events, go through all the regions.

Pokemon Light Platinum might have been played by many. It sure has the awesome graphics with the flying colors and play a brand new plot. But, in fact, a lot of people think that this game is overrated. The opinions are different. One of the most criticized one is related to the story. They think that the storyline of the game was written by the amateur twelve years old boy. It is because the story can be considered as awful. Aside from that, the characters of the game are also out of the common game of Pokemon. Many players get bored easily while playing one. A member of the online community of Pokemon even stated on his blog that this game is worth to get 6.


Pokemon Light Platinum Randomizer ROM Download

Are you also getting bored of Pokemon Light Platinum but still fond of several things about it? If you are, you might try this game with randomizer. For your information, randomizer is like a tool that can randomize the games of Pokemon. To play the game, you must get Pokemon Light Platinum Randomizer ROM first. With this randomizer, a lot of things such as the Pokemon, the trainers, the superpowers can be randomized.

Does it sound good? Do you want to give a try to play Pokemon Light Platinum randomizer? If yes, go look for Pokemon Light Platinum Randomizer ROM now. Get the game, get the randomizer, and play the game. If you have any questions regarding the randomizer and how does it work, do not hesitate to throw the question to the online communities of Pokemon. Hope you enjoy your time while playing the game and do not forget to share your review of the game.

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