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Pokemon Leaf Green cannot be separated with Pokemon Fire Red. Both Pokemon Leaf Green and Pokemon Fire Red are the pair of core series games of Generation III. Two of the games have the same region which is Kanto region.  This pair was released different in every country. In their homeland Japan, it was released on January 29th, 2004. For North America, the time of the releasing is September 9th, 2004. In Australia, the game was released on September 23rb. Meanwhile, in Europe, it was released on October 1st, 2004.

A lot people love Pokemon Leaf Green and Pokemon Fire Red. This pair put their name on the second best selling games on GBA or Game Boy Advance. It lost only to another pair game of Pokemon, which are Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Ruby. Another achievement is they go the awards in Nintendo’s Player’s Choice.

Pokemon Leaf Green is another chapter of the saga in Pokemon. The storyline of the game starts with the introduction. In the game, you are asked to enter your name and your enemy’s history. After that, the game begins with a style of the map. In this case, you should start to look for the Pokemon. Apparently, you need to discover the Sevei Island. It will be thrilling for the discovery.  Aside from that, you will be also facing the Rocket Team. Do not worry. It is not the end yet. The hardest part of it is you need fight against Elite 4. Prepare yourself to face the final battle.

Are you getting tired of Pokemon Leaf Green but still want to play one? The romanizer might be the answer. What is romanizer?

Pokemon Leaf Green Randomizer ROM GBA


Pokemon Leaf Green Randomizer ROM GBA Download

The romanizer can be described as the tool. This kind of tool randomizes the game. Just say you are a Pokemon master and walking in the region named Kanto. Normally, you will find Pdget or Rattata when you go to the grass. With the help of randomizer, you can possibly discover other Pokemon just like Mewtwo. Does it can be used to Pokemon Leaf Green? The answer is yes. How to get Pokemon Leaf Green Randomizer ROM GBA?

The first thing you should do to get Pokemon Leaf Green Randomizer ROM GBA is prepare your gadget and your connection of internet. If it is done, you should download ROM of Pokemon Leaf Green first. One of the websites to download one is Emuparadise.

Please visit www.emuparadise.com.  In the website, type Pokemon Leaf Green on the search column and the links to download will be shown. Then, download the emulator of Pokemon. The next step is downloading the Pokemon Leaf Green Randomizer ROM GBA at the official website of Universal Pokemon Randomizer. After that, select setting of the randomization by clicking it. Click “Save” or the button of Randomize to save it in your ROM. Finally, the Pokemon Leaf Green Randomizer ROM GBA can be installed and can be used to randomize Pokemon Leaf Green. Hope you have fun playing it!

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