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Pokemon game is one of the famous games in the world. In Pokemon games, people can catch, train, battle, and trade their Pokemon. They will also meet the cute, unique and even strong Pokemon. The challenge in every game is different. Moreover, the storyline in every title of Pokemon games is also different and the fun thing is you have to decide what you have to decide there. Those are several reasons that make people like playing Pokemon.

Pokemon games are usually launched in a long distance between one game to another. And it makes people bored of waiting. So, there are some hackers that hack Pokemon games so that there are the new game where people can enjoy the different atmosphere because the hackers usually change several things from the existing one like the scheme, back sound, characters, Pokemon that will be met, starter Pokemon, maps, graphics and many more so that the game will be more interesting to play. One of Pokemon hack is Pokemon Kohaku Adventures. And here, you can do Pokemon Kohaku Adventures GBA download.

Pokemon Kohaku Adventures is a Pokemon game that is hack of Pokemon Fire Red. This game was created by DylanDangles and it was released in 2007. In the first instance, the name of the hack was Solid Brown but because of several reasons this hack is changed to Kohaku Adventures by the creator.

There is a new adventure that will happen in Kohaku Region. Kohaku region is a place that is far and it is located to the north of Kanto and Johto. There are jungles, forests, deserts, mountains, rivers and lakes in this region except ocean. Kohaku region is actually locked by lands completely. And here, you are a boy who have lived here for years and you want to see and also explore the ocean. Because of that reason, you have motivation to pack up bag and set an adventure.


Pokemon Kohaku Adventures GBA Download

There are several features that you can enjoy while you are playing this game. They are:

  1. The things like tile set, title screen, credits, sprites and the other things are customized by the creator.
  2. There will be new story.

What do you think about this game? If you think the game is interesting and you really want to play the game, we provide the link to do Pokemon Kohaku Adventures GBA download. For your information, there are also the other hack games that can be your choice to play in your spare time. Some hacks of Pokemon Emerald such as Pokemon Dark Copper, Pokemon Touhoumon Purple, Pokemon Eissturm, Pokemon Next Generation, Pokemon The Strongest Pure White, Pokemon Champions, Pokemon Blue Ice Mx, Pokemon Emerald Lucario, Pokemon Iron Version and many more. Some hacks of Pokemon Ruby such as Pokemon Dark Realm, Pokemon Pekin’s Hack, Pokemon Dark Pearl, Pokemon Ever Dragon, Pokemon Moonlight, and many more. Some hacks of Pokemon Fire Red such as Pokemon Alliance, Pokemon Clear Diamond, Pokemon Galactic Platinum, Pokemon: Depths of Time and many more.

Many choices of Pokemon hacks that you can play. So, what will you choose to play now? Happy playing!


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