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Are you a hard core fan of Pokemon? Do you like playing the games of Pokemon both the original and the hack ones? What kind games of Pokemon do you like? Do you prefer the creepy, the adventurous, or the fantasy one? For those who really a fan of Pokemon, it is sure that the genre of the games does not matter for you as long it is about Pokemon. Right, some people just love Pokemon too damn much to the point they always try every single thing related to Pokemon.

As your reference, here is something new, the unique thing related to Pokemon for you. Prepare yourself because this one will bring you back to the childhood of yours. You shout or whisper “cute” on the entire thing. This fluffy thing is called Pokemon Kindness Version.

Pokemon Kindness Version is one of the games of Pokemon. It is not the original one. of course. Are you confused about this game and do not have any ideas about what it is? Does the name sound so strange for you? If you are, then, you come to the right place. It is because this page will enlighten your mind about Pokemon Kindness Version. After you fed your mind, you can discover Pokemon Kindness version ROM download as the first way to play this thing.

Pokemon Kindness Version is basically a game of Pokemon that was made with Pokemon Essentials. It means that there are a lot of various cute cartoon characters on the game. those cute cartoon characters are included My Little Pony characters which are from G4 and G1. Other cute cartoon characters on Pokemon Kindness Version are Rainbow Brite characters, Optimus Prime, Spongebob, Kai-Lan, Wubbzy, Coraline, and so on. Aside from those cute protagonist ones, there are also some characters that considered as villains. For instance, Murky, the villains of My Little Pony (such as Nightmare Moon, Princess Calestia, Discord, Tirek, Sunset Shimmer, The Changelings, King Sombra, etc.), the villains of Disney (such as The Evil Queen, Stromboll, Chernabog, Ladi Tremaine, Queen of Hearts, Captain Hook, Maleficent, Ursula, Gaston, Jafar, Scar, Vidia, and many more).


Pokemon Kindness Version ROM Download

Actually, Pokemon Kindness Version does not considered as the game. it is not the actual game. so, what is this? Apparently, it is just a tool to record the epic fantasy battles. While in the common games of Pokemon you have to level up your Pokemon, in this one, you only can cheat them in.

How about the story? does it sound good? According to some people, the story of Pokemon Kindness Version is pretty good. Although, some parts of the story just do not make sense at all, especially for the adults. As for the music category, it has the best music ever. You need to listen to them all.

Did you already find Pokemon Kindness version ROM download? If yes, go play it now. Hope you have a good time while playing one. it is guarantee that you will be smiling in the entire section.

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