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Playing pokemon games, there are so many choices of titles games that you can choose. Moreover, there are a lot of Pokemon fans that make hacks of the existing one. One of the Pokemon hacks is Pokemon Glacier and in this site you can do Pokemon Glacier GBA ROM download.

Pokemon Glacier was created by Kebbles and it was released in 2008. This game is a hack of Pokemon Fire Red. Even though it is an old hack but it is fun to play. In the game, you will play as a boy that is ten years old. In Sunray Town that is quiet and peaceful, You live with your mother and also your brother. Everybody here can work and live happily because the town is filled with sun light and its warming. But, that moment does not stand long. Recently, the entire region which includes Sunray Town is being covered by snow and ice. People feel cold everyday and this coldness has never been felt by people in the previous time. Seeing this situation, you can not just stand still and hold the cold. So, you meet Professor Kirk which is the brother of Professor Birch. Professor Kirk has the knowledge of Pokemon that is as great as Professor Birch. Then, Professor Kirk says that the legendary Regice is using its special power but he does not know why it is doing this. Soon, you prepare and go to discover the reasons for a lot of answers. On the way, you will deal with some rivals, obtain items, mingle with people, beat all of the Gym Leaders to gain their badges and eventually gain ,the title Pokemon Champion. After a long time, you will know that someone that do these things is Team Glacier. So, what are you doing? Will you just stand still? No, You have to come and get them!

Some features that you are able to enjoy in this game are in the following list.

  1. This is old but the storyline is interesting.
  2. There will be new graphics.


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If you are curious, before you play the game, you are able to see several screenshots and also watch the trailers that are available here. If you finish playing this game, you can continue to play the other hacks. If you intend to play Pokemon games that are hack of Pokemon Fire Red, there are several titles that can be your good choices. They are Pokemon Breakdown, Pokemon Tropical Blue, Pokemon Distant, Pokemon Ember Orange, Pokemon Alliance, Pokemon Sentra Journey’s, Pokemon Clear Diamond, Darkstar: Road To Dreams, Pokemon Galactic Platinum, Pokemon Imperial Contingency, Pokemon: Depths of Time, Pokemon: Mind Crystal, Pokemon Saiken, Pokemon Minus, Pokemon The Legend of Anbuja and many more hacks that is as fun as these ones.

If you are interested in playing Pokemon Glacier first, you are able to do Pokemon Glacier GBA ROM download. In this game, you can sense the different experience of playing Pokemon. So, happy playing, guys!

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