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Pokemon Genesis is one of the remake of Pokemon Fire Red beside Pokemon Ash Gray, Pokemon Ash’s Ques, and other remakes of Pokemon Fire Red. This is the newest series. Pokemon Genesis was recreated by author Thrace in the year of 2009. This remake is considered as the awesome one. for your information, there are many similarities between Pokemon Genesis and Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD that can be seen.  However, there are the difference. With Pokemon Genesis, you can easily play the game because the language of it is English. Aside from that, you can also play in the new brand called World Serao and then catch a lot of Gen IV Pokemon. This is only in the Pokemon Games of Nintendo DS. The main special point of this hack is that you can travel over many regions you found.

Pokemon Genesis has 493 Pokemons in total. The features of Pokemon Genesis include the new region, the new world called Serao, the new beautiful pavings, the Gen IV Pokemon added, you will go via different regions, and you love the trees of Berry. In Pokemon Genesis, you as the trainer will be easier to catch all the Pokemons.

The story of Pokemon Genesis is you are the young boy. Apparently, you love Pokemon way to much. You live together with your entire family in Serao. The job of your father is scientist and he works for Uriel Enterprises. Uriel Enterprises is the largest corporation in Serao. One day, your father asks you to receive a parcel. Then, he asks you to wait for him in the contiguous city. Before you go to the contiguous city, you ask the help to your friend. You ask him or her to borrow the Pokemon in order to protect the parcel of your father. Before you arrive in that neighboring city and meet your father, you meet a stranger. Apparently, it is a woman. Then, who is the woman? Are curious and want to know about the strange woman? Please do Pokemon Genesis GBA download, in case you want to play it with your Game Boy Advance or GBA.

Pokemon Genesis has received some amount of criticism. Some of critics are include the high level of maturity of the game compared to the other games of Pokemon.


Download Pokemon Genesis: google drive | mirror

If you want to play Pokemon Genesis and look for Pokemon Genesis GBA download, you can find some of it on the internet. There are many websites that offers the link to download Pokemon Genesis in your GBA.

One of the website that consists Pokemon Genesis GBA download is on above paragraph. There, you will get short of information about Pokemon Genesis and the link to download one. if it does not work, you can find in the other websites. Try to visit tradownload.eu as the alternative. Apparently, you will find more than one links to download Pokemon Genesis GBA with different kind of sizes and places. You just have to select one that suit you.

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