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Pokemon Fuligin is a hack of Pokemon Fire Red. It was created by Sloo and it was released in 2012. For Sloo, it was his second hack. For finishing this project, he worked hard for one year and six months. The interesting one of this game is that you will play on the side of Team Rocket that is an evil team. Do you want to do Pokemon Fuligin GBA ROM download zip? Do not worry because you can download it here. But before you go to download and play the game, what about finding out the story and also the features of this game? Here are the description.

In this game, you will play as a kid who live with your mother in a small town of Alora. Then, you get your first Pokemon and Pokedex with the help of Professor Oak. The Pokemon and Pokedex are used to start your trip around Alora. But, you discover that your older brother is entangled with Team Rocket. Your brother also wants you to be a member of Team Rocket, too. You think a lot about that and then you make a decision that you agree to join them and now you start to be a bad person. Hold on! They are not bad like you thought. You work well here and escalate your ranks to be the leader. What will happen next? It is time for you to decide the next things that will happen.

There are some features that you are able to enjoy in Pokemon Fuligin. They are as described in the following list below.

  1. There will be 386 Pokemon from Generation I, II and III.
  2. You will play as a member of Team Rocket.
  3. There are new Gym Leaders and Characters.
  4. It will be a good and long game play as well.
  5. This game will be harder than the original one.


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Beside playing Pokemon Fuligin, you are also able to play the other hacks of Pokemon Fire Red. There are some choices of Pokemon hack games that you can also play such as Pokemon Mystical Glacier, Pokemon Yellow Storm, Pokemon Harmony Version, Pokemon Frozen Pearl, Pokemon Forest Nature, Pokemon Super Heart Red, Pokemon Zoala, Pokemon Fire Red 2, Pokemon Fire Yellow, Pokemon Francium, Pokemon Granite, Pokemon Blazing Red, Pokemon Alternate Evolutions, Pokemon Kohaku Adventures, Pokemon Mega Evo Red & Green, Pokemon Iris and others.

So, if you are not patient anymore to play this game of Pokemon Fuligin, you can do Pokemon Fuligin GBA ROM download zip now. Before you download the game, you can also see the screenshots of the game and watch the trailer. After you download and also play Pokemon Fuligin, you are able to share the opinion of yours with your friends and also with the other fans of Pokemon. You can discuss about it in a group, community or forum that are available in social media. It will be fun if we can exchange the information about Pokemon with the other fans of Pokemon. So guys, happy playing!

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