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Are you one of Pokemon fans? If yes, you definitely have played all the games of each Generation and the hacks as well. The hacks are also not less fun than the original games. Even, the hackers make the game more fun with the addition that they add in the game such as new storyline, new region, new maps, new graphics, and many more. Now, perhaps you are looking for Pokemon Deluge GBA ROM download. Here, we are going to discuss about that.

Pokemon Deluge RPG is a game which is online. Same as the other games of Pokemon, in Pokemon Deluge RPG, you are also able to capture, trade, and battle Pokemon against other players as well. In the beginning, the game was based on many features from Pokemon Crater, but now it has expanded a lot. For the maps, this games use tilesets that were created by Chaotic Cherry Cave, Captain Arcane, Wesley FG, and Thats So Witty.

When you play the game, you have to make an account. You don’t have to worry about your account because your personal information will not be visible to the other players. The only things that will be visible are your username and in-game stats as well. You will get Daily Raffle. What is Daily Raffle? It is a reward for logging in once a day. If you login more often, you will get better rewards. The rewards are Pokemon, items, in-game coins and several special events such as encountering legends or special Pokemon more often or more money an exp from gyms. All are for a limited time.

The points in the game are counted from your total of experience, unique Pokemon, average experience, and total battles that you won. Capturing a level 5 Pokemon will decrease your average experience. If you do not have the particular Pokemon, your unique count will go up. It means your points can go up or down and it depends on the changes which happen to those factors.


Pokemon Deluge GBA ROM Download

In this game, there is no Pokemon Center. All Pokemon are healed automatically after each battle. The Pokemon that are shown in Pokedex are only Pokemon that you have now in your account. If you want to possess the three stages of Squirtle in your Pokedex, it means you have to get 3 Squirtles. Then, you must evolve two of them to be Blastoise and Wartortle. It will be different from the video games because all Pokemon on Pokemon Deluge RPG are available and they are very easy to capture.

If you want to switch Pokemon in your team with a Pokemon in your Pokemon Box, you are able to click on the Change Team link under Pokemon dropdown in the bar of navigation. You can change your team by dragging a Pokemon from your Pokemon from below to your team. If you have javascript disabled, you must go to Your Team and hit the replace button in the spot where you want to put new Pokemon.

Okay, guys, that’s all some information about Pokemon Deluge GBA ROM download. Hopefully, this will be informative and helpful.

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