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Pokemon is counted as one of the most loved games in this entire world. It is proven by a lot of people who declare themselves as fans of Pokemon. Many of them join some communities of Pokemon and become members of those communities. As the unlimited love towards their favorite game keep increasing day by day, some of the fans of Pokemon dig more about the game itself. Some of the terms are included the RPG games and hacking.

By learning some terms such as RPG games and hacking, it means that the interest on the terms leveled up. Once those terms knew and mastered by them, they want to apply those terms to their favorite game. We cannot exclude an author named Shiyabsol1 when we talk about this. For your information, Shiyabsol1 is a name of author of one of Pokemon game called Pokemon Jasper. He likes Pokemon, RPG games and hacking. Then, he decided to combine those three.

Pokemon Jasper was renamed to Pokemon Dark Jasper by the author on an unknown date. This game is not completed yet. by this, it means that this hack is still in the process of developing. Nevertheless, you are still be able to see the screenshots and the trailers of the game. Even though this hack version of Pokemon Fire Red is still in the process of developing, it has been released in 2013 and you can play the game right away. Just go find out the Pokemon Dark Jasper GBA download now!

The story of Pokemon Dark Jasper is about Somia. Do not get it wrong. Somia is not a name of a beautiful girl. It is one of the regions, a beautiful one. in this region, both people and Pokemon live together happily. The beauty of this region can be seen in its blue beaches and small lovely islands which are located in the center of Somia. You can also see Heavens mountain. Unfortunately, this dreamy place was damaged. It is because of the hidden secrets from the oracles of Somia. Cyprus, the name of a radical dream threaten the security of mind and body to give the “dream cores”. “Dream cores” is a power behind the dreams of ours.


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In the game, you are supposed to be the main character. You are a trainer of Pokemon, a young one. You have an eager to explore the new things along with your Pokemon. Incidentally, you know some secrets of Somia in your way. Since the day, you have realized that your role is to save the world. Do you want to know what is going to happen next? Find the answer by doing Pokemon Dark Jasper GBA download and play the game now!

Pokemon Dark Jasper consists of some features such as new game synopsis, day and night system, new tiles and new sprites, weather feature, black or white repel system port, honey trees, interesting sound, more Pokemon to catch, daily events, new HM and TM list, and so on.

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