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The popularity and the enjoyment of playing Pokemon games has made the fans of Pokemon create new version of the games or we can call them hack games of Pokemon. The hack actually is done to satisfy the fans to play Pokemon in different story, looks and features. The hack Pokemon games such as Pokemon Light Platinum, Pokemon Ash Gray, Pokemon Liquid Crystal, Pokemon Snakewood, Pokemon Ruby Destiny Life of Guardians, Pokemon Victory Fire and Pokemon Flora sky are some of the hack games of Pokemon.

There is also Pokemon Crono and some gamers search for Pokemon Crono ROM download zip. Pokemon Crono is a game which is online GBA and you can play at Emulator online. Pokemon Crono is a title from the adventures games, pokemon games, and skill games. Pokemon Crono is also rom hack which is based on Pokemon Emerald BPEE. Here, you are able to explore the world of fantasy in a new region namely Midamond. You can also find the secrets and capture more Pokemon here.

If you want to play Pokemon game with new region, Pokemon Crono can be your choice. The storyline of this game is about the player that is you who live in Midamond region exactly in a small house. In the game, you have a dream and then you meet a person of dark power. The name of the person is Crono which then you are curious who Crono is. And your trip in this game aims to find out the answer of your question.

Pokemon Crono ROM download zip


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Pokemon Crono provides several features that you will like which consist of:

  1. There is new Fakemon.
  2. There are new characters.
  3. The setting of the story is in Midamond Region that has new World Map.

It seems fun to play Pokemon Crono. If you are interested, you can start to look for Pokemon Crono ROM download zip in the internet. To know how the game is you can watch the trailer to review the game in the youtube. The trailer is usually available in several websites which discuss about Pokemon game. So, you can watch the trailer first. Then, you are able to download Pokemon Crono which are available in the any websites in the internet.

You are also able to discuss about Pokemon Crono or about the other Pokemon games in any community websites of Pokemon games lover. In the community website, you are also able to make project with the other members to create hack Pokemon games. Beside Pokemon Crono, you are also able to download and play the other hack games which is as fun as Pokemon Crono such as Pokemon Valor, Pokemon Flora Sky, Pokemon Rusty, Pokemon Pyrite, Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y, Pokemon Sinnah Legacy, Pokemon Apollo, Pokemon Infernal Legend, Pokemon Shiny Gold Sigma, Pokemon Rocket Strike and many more.

Try to do Pokemon Crono ROM download zip now. Play it and feel the experience of different storyline and features. Happy playing, gamers!

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