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Pokemon Crimson is one of the must play games of Pokemon. This game is a hack version of Pokemon Fire Red, just like Pokemon Apollo, Pokemon Ash Gray, Pokemon Ash’s Quest, Pokemon black Orb, Pokemon Dark Flame, Pokemon Genesis, Pokemon Last King, and many more. By being the hack version, it means that the author of the game made this hack based on the original version of Pokemon Fire Red.

The author named Destiny Demon was created Pokemon Crismon and released this game in the year of 2011. Pokemon Crimson is such a good one. one of the points plus of the game is it offers a lot of new points. In this game, you will be given a chance to do a journey to the three regions in only one game. Along the game, you have to find the Gen V Pokemon and catch them  in the GBA hack. How does the game sound so far? Are you cannot wait to play one? Go look for Pokemon Crimson ROM hack download! But, before looking for the game, it is better for you to feed yourself more about the game.

In case you live in the region of Johto, you probably know the story of Ethan. He is known as a hero boy of Johto. There is a best friend of Ethan named Lyra. She is a girl and well known as the GYM Leader of New Bank Town. Lyra has a little brother. Can you guess who her younger brother is? Right, the younger brother of Lyra is you. In this game, you are supposed to be Lyra’s sibling. Since a child, you are always want to be like your older sister. To achieve your dream, you have a plan to do an adventure in order to find out more about Legendaries Pokemon in Johto. Aside from that, you also plan to collect all the badges from 8 GYM Leaders. Once you completed your mission, you are able to go to the other regions that you know through the television such as Kanto region, Hoenn region, and Sinnoh region.


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In fact, the life of yours is not as simple as you thought. The process of it is sometimes can be complicated. You will realize this thing in your way. One of the hardest time in your journey is that you have to face the most powerful evil team called Team Rocket. Team Rocket does not want you to be their parasite when they know that you got several information about them. Then, what will you do to face Team Rocket? Get ready to play Pokemon Crimson by searching for Pokemon Crimson ROM hack download now!

The storyline of Pokemon Crimson is well written. It consists of the new characters and events. Other features of the game are included new region and access to Johto, Kanto, and Hoenn, new hero and heroine, no GYMs and GYM Leaders, Pokemon from Unova and Sinnoh, battle with Red, Blue, and Gold, frontier brains, day and night system, Rocket Zone, and else.

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