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There are a lot of Pokemon games for all of fans of Pokemon. There are also tons of hacks or remakes done by many authors of the games. Everyday, there is a new hack or remake version of Pokemon. Those hacks usually based on Pokemon Fire Red, Pokemon Emerald, end else. Do you want to try something different? Try to check out a game of Pokemon named Pokemon Cataclysm. Do you know what is this?

Pokemon Cataclysm is a remake version of a hack version of a MinimGames named Galemon Eclipse. Is it confusing? That sentence means that Pokemon Cataclysm is a remake version of a hack version, not based on the original games of Pokemon like any other remakes. Galemon Eclipse itself which was developed by Minimin Games several years ago is based on Pokemon Ruby. This game is an unfinished game, the author of the game has a plan to finish one now. The main code base of the game is from Pokemon Ruby.

Pokemon Cataclysm was released in the year of 2011. Right now, this game is available to be downloaded with the version Alpha 1.0.2. Are you curious about the language of the game? Be calm, you can breath now, because Pokemon Cataclysm is in English. Everyone, let’s celebrate now!


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Are you cannot wait to play Pokemon Cataclysm? Go search for Pokemon Cataclysm GBA ROM download now. But, before getting one, it is better for you to read the short of the game first.

In Pokemon Cataclysm, your world had two main forces. The first one was Voyde and the other one was Glyte. The Voyde was lead by some of the bad guys named Unrequed. Those bad guys wanted to dominate the world with the dark powers. On the ather hand, there was the Glyte that was lead by Veetagron. That team tried to make the troops gather in order to fight against thee Voyde. In the end, the kind one won. This winning made the Glyte as the most successful team. Thatks to Glyte, humans have established cities and civilization now in Glyte area and become what is today.

In the Pokemon Ctaclysm, you are supposed to be one of the force of Glyte. Meanwhile, your best friend named Tom wants to travel to Deturns in order to find Voyde Gem. It is such a key to unstrap the full power of Unrequed and spell the doom to the world of Glyte. Apparently, you are summoned to Deturns. What will happen in the next scene? the question can be answered when you play the game. Scroll down your cursor to the bottom of this page to get Pokemon Cataclysm GBA ROM download.

There are some features of Pokemon Cataclysm. Those are the new intriguing story, the Deturns region along with new places, 100% new sounds and new music, many Fakemon, the Summer Forest Events, the Diamond Forest Events, the redesigned Veetagron, the new designing of Pokemon Center, and so on.

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