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Are you a fan of game called Pokemon but kind of bored with the ordinary game of Pokemon? How about trying to play the remake version of the game of Pokemon? If you are interest to play one, Pokemon Black Orb might suit for your taste.

Pokemon Black Orb is one of the hack of Pokemon Fire Red that was released on August 28th, 2010. However, it has the special things compared to the other hacks of Pokemon Fire Red. For instance, the creator of Pokemon Black Orb is so creative by removing the GYM Battles and then replacing it with his very own Quests or another certain task to get the badges. Getting excited to search Pokemon Black Orb GBA download? Slow down, please read the entire article first.

Pokemon Black Orb was made by the author named xmouvelianx. Aside from deleting the GYM Battles, the author of Pokemon Black Orb also has made other new features. Those new features include the new plot, the new graphics, the three Fakemon, the new events, the events of interesting “Save the Pokemon”, the system of reputation, all the actions will have the consequences, and many more.

Before doing Pokemon Black Orb GBA download, here is the storyline of Pokemon Black Orb for you. The story of Pokemon Black Orb starts when you were a child. Since your childhood era, you have got a good interest in a thing called Pokemon. In this game, your father is a scientist, a well known one. As a successful scientist, your father has achieved many things that make him being known in the entire world. Recently, your father discovered an orb. It seems like a powerful one. to make sure, your father decided to make the investigation and make a research about it. This kind of orb discovered by your father was believed to be a myth. After the discovery of your father, everything was proven to be false. Many people want to know about the existence of the orb as the word spreads like a light. Then, there is a group of people called Team Zen. Team Zen is interest in stealing the orb. Your father does not acknowledge that the research of your father can help Team Zen to achieve their dream. That research tells that the orb can be the key to activate something. However, that kind of thing is still unknown. In this game, you must decide your destiny.

Pokemon Black Orb (Hack) GBA ROM Download:

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In order to get the link of Pokemon Black Orb GBA download, you have to find one on the internet. There are a lot of websites that offer the link to download Pokemon Black Orb. One of the website that might help you is www.carlocar.net. Search Pokemon Black Orb GBA on the search column to get the link faster. In the page, you have to scroll down your cursor to get the link to download. The page also consists of the short explanation about the Pokemon Black Orb.

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