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There is another hack of Pokemon game that you should try to play. It is Pokemon Armageddon that is created by Vee217 and it was released in 2008. This game is hack of Pokemon Fire Red. Pokemon Fire Red  is often hacked by the fans of Pokemon. A glimpse of Pokemon Fire Red that is Pokemon Fire Red together with Pokemon Leaf Green Version  is a core series Generation III.  Pokemon Fire Red is set in the Kanto region. It is told that Kanto region is in the east of Johto region and in the south of Sinnoh region. For your information, Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green Version become the 2nd best selling games on Game Boy Advance (GBA) only after Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Versions. Besides, the greatest thing of Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green is that the games got Nintendo’s Player’s Choice awards.

As mentioned above that here we are going to describe about one of Pokemon games that hack of Pokemon Fire Red that is Pokemon Armageddon. Besides Pokemon Armageddon, the other hack games of Pokemon Fire Red such as Pokemon Ember Orange, Pokemon Alliance, Pokemon Sentra Journey’s, Pokemon Clear Diamond, Pokemon: Mind Crystal, Pokemon: Depths of Time, Pokemon Imperial Contingency, Pokemon Galactic Platinum, Pokemon Blazing Red, Pokemon Smiley Face, Pokemon Granite, Pokemon Francium, Pokemon Fire Yellow, Pokemon Alternate Evolutions, Pokemon Kohaku Adventures, Pokemon Revenge, Pokemon Mega Evo Red & Green, Pokemon Iris and many others. In this website, you are able to do Pokemon Armageddon GBA ROM download and  also the other Pokemon games. But, before you download which then playing it, it is better for you to find out the story and also the new features that you can meet in this game.

The story of this game is about the research to make a time machine that is done by Giovani and his Team Rocket. Then, Giovani comes back to the past and does a lot of bad things. He stop Professor Oak to study and then he ruins the existence of Elite Four. After that, he goes to another world to catch all Pokemon Legendaries and Pokemon from the best trainers. And you are one of the best trainers after Ash and Lance so that he capture your Pokemon, too. You feel angry and you want to search what happened. And here, your journey starts.


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The features that you can enjoy in this game are in the following list.

  1. There are better storyline.
  2. There will be new region.
  3. You will also find hundreds of new Pokemon.
  4. There are new characters.

This game is worth it because the plot of this game is interesting. The creator also makes differences from the other hacks by doing a lot of changes. So, if you want to try the different experience of Pokemon game, you should try to do Pokemon Armageddon GBA ROM download and then play it. You can share your thought about this hack to the other Pokemon fans in any community and forum of Pokemon fans.

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