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Pokemon Alpha Sapphire is the newest remake versions of Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire, along with its pair named Pokemon Omega Ruby. Both of them are counted as the second Gen VI games of Pokemon after Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. Pokemon Alpha Sapphire is considered as a RPG game. this game was released by Nintendo on November 21st, 2014 for Nintendo 3DS. This game is like a 3D remake of the region of Hoenn with everything mostly untouched with the Battle Frontier as the exception.

The main Pokemon Alpha Sapphire is almost the same as the older version. The different is that this new version has two new evil teams members. It contains legendaries Groudon and Kyogre. At the beginning of this game, you have to select one of Pokemon starters to become yours and will accompany you in your journey. You have to pick between Treeko, Mudkip, and Torchic.

If you are kind of bored to play the Pokemon Alpha Sapphire because this game is similar to its successor but still want to play Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, you might try Pokemon Alpha Sapphire with Randomizer Nuzlocke. If it makes you confused, go enlighten yourself about it and find Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Randomizer Nuzlocke ROM on the internet.

What is randomizer? Randomizer is described as a tool that can randomize some items of Pokemon games. Some things that can be randomized by randomizer included Pokemon, the trainers, the abilities or the superpowers, the regions, and many more.

Meanwhile, Nuzlocke is the name of the challenge known in the games of Pokemon. The word Nuzlocke originates from the name of the comic series. Apparently, that comic series has the same name. In that comic series, there is a name called Nuzleaf who resembles the character of the Lost John Locke as a recurring gag character.


Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Randomizer Nuzlocke ROM Download

Nuzlocked Challenge can be defined as a set of rules to create the higher level of difficulty when you are playing the games of Pokemon. Many players who are also known as challengers feel that those rules were made with the main purpose of encouraging the use of Pokemon that not be chosen by most of players. Another goal of it is to promote the closer bonds with the players of Pokemon. Actually, those rules are not in the function of the game, those are self-imposed on the part of the player.

There are the basic rules of Nuzlocke. The first one is any fain Pokemon is considered dead. Later, those dead Pokemon have to released or put in a system named Pokemon Storage System. The second rule is the player can only catch their first Pokemon in each area. There are no second chance if the first Pokemon faints or flees. There are many other Nuzlocke rules. You can browse it on the internet if you want to know.

So, what are you waiting? Scroll down this page and discover Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Randomizer Nuzlocke ROM. Download it so you can try the game.

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